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First look: Finding More
Most of us wonder: is there something more to life? Our latest resource, which will be published on 1 February 2019, Finding More tells the stories of eleven people who asked that question, and found the answer.
That was Epic!  
Find out what happened when Testwood Baptist Church, Southampton UK, ran Epic Explorers in tandem with a Mark sermon series for their congregation.
You did WHAT with your summer holiday? 
This week we caught up with Abby, a physiotherapist from London, about her experience of running CY at the children’s summer camp she volunteers on.
How to be happy 
Tim Thornborough shares his experience of running a Life Explored feeder event at his church in Wimbledon.
Ex-policeman behind bars
Meet a retired policeman who now spends his days introducing prisoners to Jesus through Christianity Explored.
Go for it! Three benefits of running your own evangelistic series
In the wake of Easter events and services, you don't have to wait for your church to run an evangelistic series to follow up with your friends. Liz Tomlinson shares how she ran her own series.
The Prisoner's Journey: Stories from around the world  
"Despite being locked up, my soul has been freed in Christ." Stories about the impact of The Prisoner's Journey® programme.
Reaching youth in Uganda  
Uganda has one of the youngest populations in the whole world. Find out how Ugandan pastors Simon and Alex are using to SOUL to help reach young people in their country.
Discipleship Explored: Meet Prasoon
Born into a Hindu family, it wasn’t until his late teenage years that Prasoon heard about the Lord Jesus and put his faith in Him. He features in the new Discipleship Explored.